Lyric troubles

December 22, 2005

I was just doing a great review for the SingPod widget, when I discovered that you can’t even download the widget! So I start investigating, and I go to the SingPod site, and they say that they have suspended downloads of SingPod.

SingPod distribution is momentarily suspended.

SingPod allows people to obtain lyrics from the internet. So its developer could be held liable for facilitating download of copyrighted materials, without a license in respect of the software he’s providing.
Sorry about that. A “lite” version of SingPod will be available soon.

What is wrong with downloading lyrics?!

By the way, pearLyrics has also had a tough time with the music industry. They have been in talks with the CEOs of major music labels, and haven’t made any sort of a deal, yet. This is how pearworks describes the situation:

“pearLyrics: too easy to be legal?”.

That statement makes a lot of sense, and it seems stupid to not allow an application make it easier to get lyrics to your iPod. If we want to, we can just go to a lyrics site and copy and paste them. I think this is crazy, I think I have the right to look at the words to a song that I have purchased on my iPod. I mean, isn’t that what the Dashboard was made for, to make things easier without having to go to the Internet?

But if you want to view lyrics only on your Mac in the dashboard, you might be interested in the Sing that iTune! widget.

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