New processor-optimized builds of Firefox

June 6, 2006

Deer Park LogoFirefox for the Mac seems so unstable and dirty, but when I discovered this optimized version of Firefox the other day I gave it another chance. I downloaded the Intel build with the Firefoxy widgets, and after I launched it I was very surprised with its fast download times. The version of Firefox, codenamed “Deer Park� for trademark issues, launches with no delay and loads pages faster than the ordinary Firefox build. A bonus is the inclusion of the Firefoxy widgets, which replace the ugly default widgets found in the ordinary Firefox with simple, clean widgets. You can also download G4 and G5 optimized builds of Firefox, but the G5 build does not include the Firefoxy widgets, unlike the other builds.

If you are like me, and have avoided Firefox because of its ugly appearance and slow-speeds, I would recommend you try out these new optimized versions.

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