Apple stock price rises on Q3 reports

July 19, 2006

Apple posted its Q3 results along with many positive statistics on Apple’s Mac and iPod sales. Apple announced $427 million profit with $4.37 billion revenue for Q3, and Apple expects somewhere form 4.5 to 4.6 billion dollar revenue for Q4 2006. While iPod sales rose 32%, Mac sales received a 12% sales increase from Q3 last year. The new Intel chips and MacIntel’s compatibility with Windows XP are the most apparent reasons for the significant sales surge in Q3 2006. Three-fourths of Mac sales in Q3 were sales of new Intel-based Macs. In the conference call, Apple discusses the impact of a significant number of Boot Camp downloads since its release, as well as WWDC and phones with music playback. Notes taken from the entire Q3 conference call are available from AppleInsider.

We’re thrilled with the growth of our Mac business, and especially that over 75 percent of the Macs sold during the quarter used Intel processors. This is the smoothest and most successful transition that any of us have ever experienced.
-Steve Jobs, AppleInsider

Earlier analysts were speculating poor results from Apple’s third and fourth quarters. Many, including myself, concluded that these analysts were just trying to benefit themselves by pushing the stock price down, so they could buy shares and make profit when the stock soars, as it did today.

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