Apple and the OS war

November 9, 2005

TUAW has posted a great article, written by Damien Barrett, about speculation that Apple is preparing to steal major market share in the OS industry. The article is very well-written, and is very interesting. The article, Apple Gearing up for OS War?, talks about how once the MacIntels come in 2006, users will be able […]

BBC News reports Microsoft “needs to catch up”

November 1, 2005

A great video from BBC News is an interview with Bill Gates. I really suggest you watch it, since it is very funny the way Bill Gates seems so defensive. Here are the main points of the video: 1- Bill Gates wishes to have invented the iPod. 2- Bill Gates doesn’t own an iPod. 3- […]

The future of Apple and Microsoft

October 29, 2005

I have been wondering lately, what is the future of the biggest OS companies, Microsoft and Apple? I have been researching for this special article I am about to write, and it has been difficult, because I have yet to find an article that talks about both Microsoft and Apple in comparison with each other. […]

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