Apple short of iPods for holiday season

December 18, 2005

Yesterday, I took a visit to my local Apple store, surprised by how crowded it was in there, it seemed to be the most crowded store in the entire mall. Anyway, I saw the new “iPod Express Line” in person, pretty much amazed by it. I actually used the iPod Express to buy 2 iTunes […]

Getting Album Art for your iTunes songs

December 15, 2005

A problem with some of us, is that we don’t buy all of our songs from the iTMS, and maybe we had music before the iTMS. I like the album art feature in iTunes, where it will display the album art in the visualizer, the window, and an iPod. But, I need to find a […]

HBO CEO interested in selling shows via iTMS

December 15, 2005

AppleInsider reports that HBO could possibly partner with Apple to sell hit shows on the iTunes Music Store. Chris Albrecht, chief executive of HBO, makes it pretty clear that HBO is very interested in partnering with Apple, and he sees potential in selling video content via iTMS.


December 14, 2005

I wrote an article a long way back (as far back as The Macintosh Blog days), about how to backup to your iPod. I have been using that method for a while, until today when I discovered a great freeware application that can do it for you. iBackup is a great way to backup your […]

More shows to come soon

December 8, 2005

So, a day after the NBC deal, rumors and more information are already here about more shows. The Apple+NBC promo video tells some important information that iTunes will sell “the best” of Bravo and SNL shows soon. Maybe Macworld? So, I guess we can expect to see the Bravo and SNL shows at Macworld, but […]

NBC makes deal with Apple for 9 new shows for iTunes

December 6, 2005

Sorry I could not get this news out any earlier, but I couldn’t write an article when the announcement happened. Anyway, looks like Apple has struck a deal with the National Broadcasting Company to sell multiple shows from NBC, Sci-Fi channel, USA, and some other episodes of old classic shows. The shows that are on […]

Macworld to bring new video content?

December 5, 2005

Many rumors have been going around concerning possible new video content available for the iTMS from broadcasters such as NBC, FOX, and ESPN. Many speculate that MacWorld will be when Apple announces the new content. Many want to purchase a new fifth-generation iPod, but want to be able to fill it with video content. Currently, […]

Real Rhapsody for Mac

December 5, 2005

Real has released a beta version of Rhapsody, a semi-popular Music Store for Windows, to the Mac community. Users can sign up for a free account and listen to 25 songs a month via a web browser. Windows users can use an application to download and listen to music, but currently there is no Rhapsody […]


November 20, 2005

iFeedPod is a useful utility that syncs your RSS feeds to your iPod. iFeedPod works great, and it seems to have no bugs. One thing it lacks, is a schedule for syncing your RSS, so you have to manually sync your RSS feeds each time with iFeedPod. This can be helpful if you are on […]

Apple heading for the future of the internet – TV

November 10, 2005

Apple has taken the music download and playing market, so what’s next? VIDEO. Microsoft just sat and watched Apple totally succeed and dominate in the music downloading market, and they don’t want it to happen again. But is Apple already planning for as big of a bang as they have had with music? I think […]

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