Nothing like the smell of fresh Apples

January 28, 2006

I have this theory of mine, that Apple has a way of psychologically attracting us to Apple products with a special fragrance. I remember my first iBook, and I also remember the distinct sent it gave off for the first couple of weeks. This Apple scent is located in Apple Stores, inside every Mac computer, […]

Go back in time with

January 23, 2006

As many of you probably already know, the Wayback Machine contains archives of old web pages. And just out of curiosity, I search for Since I have never seen before 2003, I wanted to know what it looked like years ago. I was really shocked to find what I did, ugly pages that […]

iWork gains in market share, ready to compete with Office

January 23, 2006

ZD Net has written an article concerning Apple’s iWork competing with Microsoft’s Office. iWork has supposedly stolen the number two spot of the total market share of work applications. Corel has slipped with a market share of only 1.6%, while iWork has a whopping 2.7%. Meanwhile, Microsoft still owns most of the market with 95% […]

iWeb VS. RapidWeaver

January 15, 2006

I’m sure RealMac Software didn’t exactly enjoy their trip to Macworld. As you know, Apple has come out with a brand new application, iWeb, that is bundled in with iLife. iWeb has many similarities with RapidWeaver, such as single-button publishing, templates, integration with iLife and podcasting, as well as many similarities with editing and photos. […]

Apple going to market differently with Intel Inside?

December 28, 2005

Apple is known for their great iPod commercials, and those commercials and ads are crucial to the iPod’s popularity. Is it just me, or are there no Macintosh commercials or advertisements? Yes, there have been many famous ads in the past, but I have never seen an ad of a Mac Mini or an iBook. […]

Lyric troubles

December 22, 2005

I was just doing a great review for the SingPod widget, when I discovered that you can’t even download the widget! So I start investigating, and I go to the SingPod site, and they say that they have suspended downloads of SingPod. SingPod distribution is momentarily suspended. SingPod allows people to obtain lyrics from the […]

Was the upgrade to Tiger worth it?

November 23, 2005

Apple marketed Mac OS X Tiger by its new features, Spotlight and Dashboard. But after using Tiger for about 5 months, I have yet to use Spotlight and I use Dashboard about 3 times a week. I feel slightly sorry for Konfabulator, since it was the original Dashboard. On top of that, the first versions […]

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