Store Files on your iPhone or iTouch without Jailbreak with Filemark Maker

January 27, 2008

Magnetism Studios (aka Monkey Business Labs), makers of some awesome Dashboard widgets and some insanely great tees, has released a new application called Filemark Maker for Mac OS X that allows an iPhone or iPod Touch user to convert any Safari-compatible media file into a bookmarklet, making it possible to store files on your iPhone/iPod […]

iMovie ’08 makes custom slideshow production easy

August 8, 2007

iMovie has always made it impossible to produce advanced slideshows, especially when setting custom Ken Burns start-and-end frames. The problem used to lie with iMovie’s sluggish importing and encoding functions, however the problem seems to have been fixed with iMovie ’08, thanks to Apple’s decision to completely rewrite the application. Encoding and clip manipulation performance […]

In Response to ’30 Days with Mac OS X’

June 6, 2007

Brian Boyko, an author for the website, “Enthusiast“, recently published a review of OS X based on his initial thirty day experiences with the operating system, titled “30 Days with Mac OS X“. The article was published as part of a series that reviews the latest operating systems. The author didn’t come of as if […]

Afloat – Make windows always on top and transparent

November 3, 2006

One of the benefits of Cocoa applications is its compatibility with one of my favorite utilities, Afloat. Afloat offers several benefits to Cocoa applications, such as the ability to adjust the transparency of a window and keep the window “Always on Top”. Other features include a “Keep Afloat” action, which actually dims the window until […]

UNO 1.3.1 update improves the popular streamlined UI theme

September 27, 2006

I’ve always been an UNO fan. But for a while I got annoyed with its inconsistencies with some applications: Adobe’s Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, preference windows, dialog boxes, etc. Many also complained about its shrunken Spotlight and Apple menu icons, and lack of support for Mozilla apps. So, I uninstalled UNO until later when there […]

Marware protection pack for MacBook Pro

July 18, 2006

Marware has specialized in making iPod, Mac, and cell phone cases and peripherals for over 10 years. My MacBook Pro suffered from an early case of pitting and scratching on the part of the aluminum where you rest your hands when you type. As mentioned earlier, I received a replacement top case thanks to some […]

BitPim for Mac OS X

July 17, 2006

BitPim is one of the coolest, cheapest (freeware), easiest, ugliest apps available to Mac users with cell phones. Ever since I got my LG VX8300 from Verizon Wireless, I have been wanting a way to transfer pictures, ringtones, etc. to my cell phone from my Mac and vice-versa. I struggled after failing to browse the […]




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