Google PageRank widget

June 3, 2006

The Google Toolbar for Firefox is very handy, especially when it comes to looking up the Google PageRank of a certain site. But I really don’t enjoy using the Mac OS X version of Firefox for average everyday use. There are a handful of websites that offer a service for finding PageRanks, but I found […]

Desksaver Plus – Run Screensavers right on your Desktop

February 14, 2006

From the makers of the Screenshot Plus Widget, comes the Desksaver Plus widget. Desksaver Plus doesn’t act as a widget, but more like a utility or a preference pane. Desksaver Plus allows you to choose a screensaver, then it turns your desktop into that screensaver. For example, run the RSS screensaver on your desktop, and […]

Dashboard KickStart – Eliminate the wait for Dashboard widgets to load

January 29, 2006

Dashboard KickStart fixes a major problem with the pause between you actually activate the Dashboard and the time the widgets become useful. Dashboard KickStart works by opening up the Dashboard at system login, so that when you launch the Dashboard, your widgets will already be loaded and fully useful. Setting up Dashboard KickStart couldn’t be […]

Mac OS X 10.4.4 brings along many changes to the Dashboard

January 10, 2006

Apple has bundled many new widgets inside the latest update to Tiger, including my favorite ESPN widget, a Google widget, a White Pages widget, and a Ski-Report widget. Apple also changed the look of other widgets, like the address book widget and the calendar widget. I don’t really like the changes for the calendar widget, […]

This Day in Apple History Widget

January 3, 2006

This is the widget I’ve been waiting for. The concept is basically of the This Day in History widget, but instead is focused on Apple history. The widget also adds a cool feature, where you can change the look of the widget to OS X, Classic, and Newton. Download This Day in Apple History.

Lyric troubles

December 22, 2005

I was just doing a great review for the SingPod widget, when I discovered that you can’t even download the widget! So I start investigating, and I go to the SingPod site, and they say that they have suspended downloads of SingPod. SingPod distribution is momentarily suspended. SingPod allows people to obtain lyrics from the […]

Go Go Redball!

December 16, 2005

I just a found the greatest widget on the Apple Dashboard directory. It’s called Go Go Redball!. This widget acts as a rubber bouncy ball, where you can throw it and bounce it across the screen. It is very, very realistic, and a lot of fun.

Getting Album Art for your iTunes songs

December 15, 2005

A problem with some of us, is that we don’t buy all of our songs from the iTMS, and maybe we had music before the iTMS. I like the album art feature in iTunes, where it will display the album art in the visualizer, the window, and an iPod. But, I need to find a […]

Screenshot Plus Widget

November 21, 2005

TUAW reviews a great widget, Screenshot Plus, another screen capture widget, but seems to be a lot better than the Capture widget, which I have reviewed earlier. The resolution of the screen shots taken with the Screenshot Plus seem to be much higher than Capture, and there are many cool features included in this new […]

Version Tracker Widget

November 11, 2005

A really nice widget from the one and only Version Tracker that shows the newest downloads available from Version Tracker. This widget can help you find some great software available for your Mac, without even opening a browser. The widget can be downloaded from Version Tracker. See Version Tracker Widget Screenshot

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