Apple heading for the future of the internet – TV

November 10, 2005

Apple has taken the music download and playing market, so what’s next? VIDEO.

Microsoft just sat and watched Apple totally succeed and dominate in the music downloading market, and they don’t want it to happen again. But is Apple already planning for as big of a bang as they have had with music? I think so…

I have strong beliefs that Apple is very smart, and has all of this planned out. We are just beginning to see the beginning of another craze, the future of the Internet: On-Demand video and TV.

ABC has been pretty successful with their hit TV shows, but iTunes doesn’t offer a lot of selection for TV shows. CBS and NBC have struck a deal with DirecTV to sell shows for $.99 cents, and everyone believes that CBS and NBC are also in talks with Apple for CBS & NBC content available on iTunes.

The Future:
You are waking up to a song playing on your iPod or your Mac. You drive on your way to work, while you are listening to your local news and national podcasts from your iPod that is plugged into your car. At home, you can play the videocast of your local news station. You can be able to stream live video from anywhere, listen to Internet radio, and purchase music, TV shows, and music videos.
The TV will no longer exist. A PowerMac and a Hi-Def screen will replace the old tube TV. All media will be on-demand, and with Hi-Def codec and highly compressed formats will enable you to download full-length movies and TV shows.

With Front Row, Apple has shown where they are headed, the Media market. With all of this new technology and the potential of podcasts and Wi-Fi and music and video purchasing, Apple even makes it clearer that they are headed for the Media.

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