Simplify your desktop. Get rid of those icons.

January 16, 2006

Apple Desktop Icon
Lately, I have been trying to improve the look of my desktop. One of the things I did was getting rid of those icons on the desktop. Since I do not use the “Macintosh HD” and “iPod” icons regularly, I have gotten rid of them to make my desktop appear more simple. And I got to tell you, it does look much better. Note that it does not make every file disappear. Files stored on the desktop will not disappear, only connected disk icons.
So, if want to get rid of those icons on your desktop, here’s what you do:

1. Switch to Finder
2. Go to the Finder preferences (Hint: command+,)
3. Deselect the three checkboxes: Hard Disks; CD’s, DVD’s, and iPods; Connected Servers in the “General” tab

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