The Chardonnay project confirmed by Apple Job Description

January 26, 2006

Apparently, Apple is looking for an experienced software engineer to develop and improve the Finder. According to Apple, this person has to be extremely experienced with including C++, User Interfaces, debugging, Mac OS X, and a lot more.

The job description actually explains exactly what this person will be working on, and also explaining everything that Chardonnay will be like:

You will be responsible for developing new features of an application that is often perceived by our users as the “face of the system”. You will be working on user interfaces spanning various browser views, new advanced search features, navigation and data presentation as well as many other parts of the application.

So, it is obvious that the Chardonnay project is one of the main things Apple is focused on for Leopard. The job description supports this idea by saying that they want someone who can make the Finder the best file browser on the planet. So what else will Apple improve on in Mac OS X 10.5? For right now, I’m just guessing a better and cleaner GUI and a Spotlight-based Finder.

See the Job Description for yourself.

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