Cool Your MacBook Pro

May 7, 2006

Recently, there have been many complaints from all “generations” of MacBook Pro users of their machines getting “hot to the touch”. This has until recently not been solved as to why this is happening, but over at the Something Awful forums users have found out that due to Apple telling their repair technicians to glob on the thermal grease, this is according to a service manual that was leaked on the internet for the MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro

This excess grease was applied to the Core Duo Chip, ATI GPU, and Northbridge in the 15″ MacBook Pros (no word on 17″ yet, as they’ve just started shipping). After clearing the mass amounts of thermal grease from those spots on his logic board the temperatures dropped from 55º C to around 39º C, that’s an amazing drop especially for a machine this hot.

No official word on wether this will void your Applecare (1yr or extended), but I would most likely assume so as you have to actually disassemble the machine to do this. Who knows maybe Apple will wise up and let a Genius Bar do this for you as a warranted repair, we can only hope!

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