OS X 10.4.7 and iTunes 6.0.5 nearing release date

June 3, 2006

Software UpdateReports of Apple seeding a new build of Mac OS X 10.4.7 have arisen again yesterday, this time with Intel build 8J2122 and PowerPC build 8J122. This new version of Mac OS X has been reported to have no issues and include major upgrades/bug fixes to Safari, Mail.app, iChat, .Mac syncing/iSync, and Aperture. Other reports say that the first-generation 15″ MacBook Pros will also officially receive the two-finger secondary clicking feature found on the newer versions of the MacBook Pros. Apple’s Mac OS X Server is also ready to be released as version 10.4.7 and build 8J115.

Apple’s iTunes should also be released sometime within the next month or two, according to several hints left of the Nike+iPod website and in Apple’s latest eNews email newsletter. The new version of iTunes isn’t to have any significant updates or new features, except for compatibility with the new Nike+iPod system.

The Nike+iPod system requires iTunes 6.0.5, available soon for free download. We expect to ship the Nike+iPod Sport Kit within 60 days for just $29. Sign up today, and we’ll let you know when we begin taking orders.

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