Special Edition U2 iPod is back for an encore

June 6, 2006

Special edition U2 iPodSurprisingly, Apple has re-released the iPod U2 in a new 5G format, which is bundled with an iTMS code for a free 30-minute video of U2 of live concert videos and interviews with the band members.

The 4G U2 iPod was released on October 26, 2004 and was discontinued six months later on June 28, 2005 with the announcement of the color iPods (not iPod Photo). Now, almost a year after the discontinuation, the U2 iPod is back for an encore for an estimated 6 months. I’m making the speculation that Apple will announce new 6G iPods in about 6 months when the 5G U2 iPod will be discontinued, just like they did two years ago.

The new Special Edition U2 iPod is $30 more expensive than its normal 5G black and white brothers, but the new black metal enclosure and its free 30-minute video makes up for the price difference.

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