Analyst predicts Boot Camp to triple Mac market share

June 13, 2006

Boot Camp has triggered a ton of positive feedback these past few weeks from analysts and consumers, but nothing like this. An analyst Charles Wolf of Needham & Co. predicts that the Macintosh is to soon triple in market share in the home market. This market share explosion is likely to occur in 2007-2008, due to the transition to Intel and wait for the official release of Boot Camp with Leopard.

Wolf believes that Boot Camp is going to be responsible for the dramtic increase in market share of the home market in the US, mainly because many Windows users said they would switch to a Mac if it could run Windows programs. This positive news also mentions that dual-booting Windows and OS X might also trigger the Halo effect, which has yet to come into play for Apple. And now that iPods are more popular than beer to college students, the number of Macs sold to college students will also dramatically increase.

But this market share increase will not fully kick in until 2007-2007, when Leopard is announced, the 1st generation bugs are fixed, and consumers start to discover that Macs run Windows and OS X.

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  1. RoughlyDrafted says:

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