Apple adds new “MacBook Ultimate” retail configurations

July 4, 2006

MacBookApple has introduced two new configurations of the MacBook line named the “MacBook Ultimate” available only at Apple’s retail stores. These two new MacBook Ultimate models are essentially the 2.0GHz white and black models of the MacBook with some hardware upgrades.

The new white MacBook Ultimate is similar to the 2.0GHz model, but with an extra 512MB of RAM and an extra 20GB of hard drive storage, available for $1,449. The black model of the MacBook Ultimate is available for $1,599 for the extra 512MB of RAM added to the model.

These two new configurations can be achieved for the same price by just customizing the 2.0GHz MacBooks, surprisingly Apple hasn’t put any sort of discount on the MacBook Ultimates to make this different. The name “MacBook Ultimate” has a nice ring to it, but the name was not found anywhere in my Local Apple Store when I last visited it. Although, I did notice the two new models on the Apple Store tables. The most apparent reason why Apple would introduce the MacBook Ultimate configurations is to boost profit because many consumers are attracted to the black high-end MacBook model. Many consumers still are willing to pay the extra $150 for the black case, and Apple is taking full advantage of this opportunity.

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