Apple special event September 12

September 1, 2006

iCal September 12According to iLounge, several members of the press are being invited to watch a special event Apple is hosting on September 12 in northern California. The special event is supposedly taking place on the opening day of the Apple Expo in Paris, which Apple reported that they would not be opening with a Keynote speech.

This special event is not related to the special event taking place at the photography conference in Germany on September 25, which Apple is likely to show off a new version of Aperture or maybe introduce new products concerning photography. The September 12 event will most likely introduce new iPod and iTunes products, such as an announcement of an iTunes Movie Store, a new widescreen iPod, a new Nano and/or Shuffle, and possibly the long-awaited iPhone. The news with the Zune project should be speeding up Apple’s pace at releasing new products, maybe Apple will finally surprise us once again with a brand new concept or design that will blow everyone away.

Other rumors point to upgraded hardware for the Intel Mac Minis, MacBook Pros, and iMacs. Even though I think these rumors have merit, I have a feeling Apple will have to have an iPod+iTunes related conference sometime this fall and September 12 would be the perfect time to release such a product to prepare it for the upcoming holiday season.

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  1. Sam Prescott says:

    Good call on the new Imac, and how bout that early arrival! I can’t wait to see what apple shows us at the Special Event! (Stay Tuned)

    September 6th, 2006 at 6:34 pm

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