Hibernation for some Macs isn’t meant to be

December 5, 2005

TUAW has a story about a reader who was using a hack to make his Mac hibernate (safe sleep), which is a new feature in the new PowerBooks. Matthew’s PowerBook had a 867MHZ processor, and I have heard that 1GHZ is required for this hack. Matthew’s PowerBook ends up crashing, and I guess Matthew has learned his lesson. I guess this is a warning to all of us that hacks are not something to take lightly.

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  1. Andy Merrett says:

    I thought all sleep was ‘safe sleep’ – unless your battery dies completely. I’ve never considered closing the lid on my Powerbook doesn’t put it into a safe state (barring explosions, etc.) 🙂 I try to avoid ‘hacks’ at all costs, unless they’re proven and extremely useful. We’re not on Windows 🙂

    December 6th, 2005 at 5:48 am

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