My February 22 Apple Invite

February 7, 2006

Yes, I also managed to receive a “Golden Ticket” from Apple to go see their Special Event on February 22. (Hopefully you know that I’m kidding.) Here’s what my invitation looks like. Note: For those of you who have not realized that this is a fake, this is a fake.

Apple closes at $80.86 on first day of the Intel transition

January 10, 2006

Someone pointed out to me the significance of Apple’s closing price, that the number is 8086. In case you don’t know, this is the first Intel chip that had the x86 architecture. There is a Wikipedia article that talks about the 8086 processor. It seems so strange and ironic that Apple closed at this price […]

Andy Merrett launches Apple Heaven

January 9, 2006

Andy Merrett, founder of the Blue Fish Network and blogger of several blogs, has announced a new Apple blog, Apple Heaven. Andy describes the site: No half measures – Apple Heaven is the place to express your devoted adoration of all things Apple… Andy writes in his first post: This is Apple Heaven, the unashamed […]

The best humorous Mac videos – Part Two

January 7, 2006

Here’s a sequal to a post from a while back. Since then, I’ve seen a couple good funny Mac videos, and I decided to share them with you. The Animated Switch Parodies is really three switch videos of Bill Gates, Big Brother, and the Dell Dude. Enjoy! Microsoft History 2006 Conan O’Brien iPod Ad Parody […]

Hibernation for some Macs isn’t meant to be

December 5, 2005

TUAW has a story about a reader who was using a hack to make his Mac hibernate (safe sleep), which is a new feature in the new PowerBooks. Matthew’s PowerBook had a 867MHZ processor, and I have heard that 1GHZ is required for this hack. Matthew’s PowerBook ends up crashing, and I guess Matthew has […]

My favorite setting for Windows

December 4, 2005

Sorry it has been pretty slow lately, been busy and there hasn’t been much news. So, I came across this option for my HP computer (I bought it before I switched). I thought it was great for Microsoft to have an option to actually be “Non-Microsoft”. You can turn this option on by going to […]

Mac OS X Tip of the Week

November 9, 2005

Apple has finally started doing their “Mac OS X Tip of the Week” again, since the release of Tiger. Apple makes their own “Tiger Tip of the Week”, but they sound the same, but are very different. The Mac OS X Tip of the Week is a tip selected from the book “Mac OS X […]

November 8, 2005 is a Web site that offers a place for Canadian Mac users to buy and sell used Apple and related products. It is a free service, and is categorized by product type, popularity on the site, and ratings. Users can sign up for a free account to post ads. UsedMac is celebrating their 1st […]

Finally, A detailed history of the Mac OS

November 5, 2005

I own a great book, Apple Confidential 2.0, and it is a great resource for the whole history of Apple. But, I have yet to see an online resource of each version of Apple’s OS, until today. History of Mac OS is a great and informative article of the versions of System and Mac OS. […]




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