First Impression: U2 iPod

June 8, 2006

U2 iPodWith yesterday’s release of the U2 iPod, and without seeing one I would like to voice my opinion(s) of it so far. First of all, the price, it’s the 30gb version only and it runs for a $329 price point. That’s $30 more than the White/Black 30gb version.

The “bonus� for the extra price is a “free� 30 minute video. People are hung up on this free video, but think about it this way, 30 mins of video = $1/minute = $30. There’s where the extra $30 come in.

Also, I would jump on this right away except for the signatures, yeah it’s a U2 iPod so it makes sense to have the sigs of the band on there, but I just don’t want that in a black iPod w/Red scroll wheel.

I will soon hopefully go see one in store and add more to either this post or make a new one, but that’s my initial view.

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