Why Apple’s current Mac Mini strategy is failing

August 8, 2007

The Mac Mini seemed like it had a bright future ahead of itself when Steve Jobs first introduced it at MacWorld 2005. It was introduced as the perfect switcher’s machine, since it was “bare bones”, cheap, and allowed for connection to third party displays, keyboards, and mice. When Steve introduced the new machine, it was […]

In Response to ’30 Days with Mac OS X’

June 6, 2007

Brian Boyko, an author for the website, “Enthusiast“, recently published a review of OS X based on his initial thirty day experiences with the operating system, titled “30 Days with Mac OS X“. The article was published as part of a series that reviews the latest operating systems. The author didn’t come of as if […]

Six Things Apple Needs to Fix by 2008

April 10, 2007

6. Apple TV 2.0 and iTunes Movie Downloads The Apple TV is a great example of the typical first generation Apple product. At first it seems to lack features that make it worth the high price Apple is asking for. Just like the iPod and many other Apple products, the Apple TV will probably follow […]

Leopard’s Illuminating Graphical User Interface: Illuminous

December 10, 2006

Mac OS X’s Aqua has matured very slowly over the last few years. It seems like many OS X users are tired of Aqua and ready for a new revolutionary GUI to compliment and enhance the experience of using a Mac. An increasingly popular theme for Apple’s latest applications have been smooth unified metal and […]

iPod Halo and Mac Sales to Truly Shine this Holiday Season

November 22, 2006

Apple has always shown its best results in Quarter 4, but the transition to the new year will be a landmark in the Mac’s history as millions of switchers will purchase their first Mac and current Mac users purchase another system for the holiday season. MacBooks and MacBook Pros have seen an extraordinarily strong demand […]

My take on iTunes 7

September 16, 2006

iTunes 7 breathed some new life into the iTunes, which has been slowly evolving since its preliminary days. But the more and more I experiment with the new version of iTunes, I get a feeling that is like beta software that needs a few more tweaks for it to be ready for public use. Reverse […]

Microsoft VS. iPod+iTunes

July 6, 2006

The rumor mill keeps spinning as analysts and several reliable sources report that Microsoft is preparing an iPod and in iTunes rival, with the same pricing and selling structure as Apple’s iPod+iTunes. Microsoft tis also seeking another additional feature that could give the new Microsoft MP3 player an edge over the iPod – wireless capabilities. […]

First Impression: U2 iPod

June 8, 2006

With yesterday’s release of the U2 iPod, and without seeing one I would like to voice my opinion(s) of it so far. First of all, the price, it’s the 30gb version only and it runs for a $329 price point. That’s $30 more than the White/Black 30gb version. The “bonusâ€? for the extra price is […]

What if Microsoft Never Existed?

February 14, 2006

AppleMatters has begun a very interesting series of articles that discuss the question, “What if Microsoft Never Existed?”. The articles are based upon two types of people, people who hate Microsoft, and the others who love them. But remember, these articles are on an Apple site. So, I guess this is the Fox News for […]

Is the Osborne effect still in effect?

February 6, 2006

As the Osborne effect almost took Osborne, Computer Corp. to bankrupcty, Apple is scared that the Osborne effect will haunt them as well. Analysts predicted an Osborne effect for Apple after the announcement of Intel processors inside Macs back at WWDC 2005, that people would stop buying PowerPC Macs to wait for Intel Macs. But […]

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