New Nano with iPod Mini-like enclosure in Fall 2006

July 10, 2006

iPod NanoApple is testing and prototyping a new generation of the iPod Nano with a colored aluminum enclosure similar to the Nano’s predecessor’s enclosure. The new aluminum Nano could then be available in various colors, such as silver, pink, green, and blue. The new case is not expected to change the size or shape of the current version of the Nano, but possibly with a flat top and bottom similar to the iPod Mini. The new case it to improve durability, scratch-resistance, and lower complaints and support requests on the scratches of the current Nanos.

The new Nano is expected to be announced sometime in Fall 2006 at the same price of the current iPod Nanos. With the new aluminum case, the Mini is also to feature a major memory bump to a maximum of 8GB. Most likely, three new versions of the metal-inclosed Nano will be released to replace the three current models of the iPod Nano.

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