Bitpim team ceases development for Mac binaries

March 15, 2007

BitpimI am really not a fan of negative news, and it really hurts when I hear a Mac developer or team decides to cease development of a great Mac application. A few weeks ago, the Bitpim development team has announced their inability to produce any further updates to the Mac binary version of Bitpim, a file/data manager for CMDA phones.

Bitpim has long been an open-source project built on the Python framework, providing cross-platform support for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. However, the Bitpim dev. team never managed to release a Universal version of their Mac binary, but Intel Mac owners could use the PowerPC build in Rosetta (however suffering a major performance decrease).

On the Bitpim homepage, they explain that they can no longer serve any updates to the Mac binary until they get a new Mac.

Although we continue to support BitPim running on Mac OS X, we have recently lost the capability to build Mac binaries (we need a Mac computer to do the builds.) We’re working hard to resolve this issue, but until then, Mac binaries will longer be available for download starting with BitPim release 0.9.12.

The last “stable” Bitpim release, version .9.10, is available for download from their website. Parallels and Boot Camp users may want to think about using the latest Bitpim releases for Windows and Linux platforms to connect their Macs to their CMDA phones.

Appleology recently started serving a custom version of the Mac Bitpim binary with a few resources replacements to “aquify” the Bitpim user interface. The last build hosted on the Appleology server was version .9.11, which was later pulled from the official website as being claimed as “unstable”. However, some Mac users (including myself) disagree and believe .9.11 is in fact more stable than version .9.10. So, as an option for Mac users, .9.11 will continue to be available for download from the Appleology Downloads page, bundled with the custom set of icon, resources, and splash screen replacements to aquify the Bitpim user interface.

If you think version 0.9.11 is unusable for your Mac, I suggest you download the 0.9.10 binary from the official Bitpim website. Unfortunately, as newer phones are released, these phones will most likely not be compatible with the Bitpim Mac binary until the developer team decides to start updating the Binary again.

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  1. John Muir says:

    It just sounds to me like their one in-house Mac died, and they need to get a new one to do the Mac builds on. I’m not familiar with them or their app, but your quote from their press release says “wait up, technical issues will be resolved soon” to me.

    March 16th, 2007 at 8:16 am

  2. Test says:



    March 30th, 2007 at 2:47 am

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