Store Files on your iPhone or iTouch without Jailbreak with Filemark Maker

January 27, 2008

Magnetism Studios (aka Monkey Business Labs), makers of some awesome Dashboard widgets and some insanely great tees, has released a new application called Filemark Maker for Mac OS X that allows an iPhone or iPod Touch user to convert any Safari-compatible media file into a bookmarklet, making it possible to store files on your iPhone/iPod […]

iMovie ’08 makes custom slideshow production easy

August 8, 2007

iMovie has always made it impossible to produce advanced slideshows, especially when setting custom Ken Burns start-and-end frames. The problem used to lie with iMovie’s sluggish importing and encoding functions, however the problem seems to have been fixed with iMovie ’08, thanks to Apple’s decision to completely rewrite the application. Encoding and clip manipulation performance […]

iWork ’08 Highlights

August 7, 2007

iWork ’08 introduces many new features, which Steve said “Completes the productivity suite”. Apple has published a set of webpages that tour each new feature in Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. The features in this productivity suite really do make it a fierce competitor with Microsoft Office. The new innovative features, user interface, and Apple-designed templates […]

iLife ’08 Guided Tour Highlights

August 7, 2007

Apple has published a twenty minute guided tour of the new iLife ’08 application suite, highlighting the key features and demonstrating the user interface. The guided tour is available for viewing on Apple’s website. The user interface on these new applications are stunning and fresh, and it truly does seem to be the biggest update […]

A guide to Nintendo 64 Emulation on the Mac

May 16, 2007

Today it seems the classic game ROM community is growing and growing as more and more are discovering how to play classic arcade and console games on their computers at the same way how they enjoy online gambling, if you like online gambling you need to check the info at For a long time, […]

Bitpim team ceases development for Mac binaries

March 15, 2007

I am really not a fan of negative news, and it really hurts when I hear a Mac developer or team decides to cease development of a great Mac application. A few weeks ago, the Bitpim development team has announced their inability to produce any further updates to the Mac binary version of Bitpim, a […]

Afloat – Make windows always on top and transparent

November 3, 2006

One of the benefits of Cocoa applications is its compatibility with one of my favorite utilities, Afloat. Afloat offers several benefits to Cocoa applications, such as the ability to adjust the transparency of a window and keep the window “Always on Top”. Other features include a “Keep Afloat” action, which actually dims the window until […]

UNO 1.3.1 update improves the popular streamlined UI theme

September 27, 2006

I’ve always been an UNO fan. But for a while I got annoyed with its inconsistencies with some applications: Adobe’s Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, preference windows, dialog boxes, etc. Many also complained about its shrunken Spotlight and Apple menu icons, and lack of support for Mozilla apps. So, I uninstalled UNO until later when there […]

BitPim for Mac OS X

July 17, 2006

BitPim is one of the coolest, cheapest (freeware), easiest, ugliest apps available to Mac users with cell phones. Ever since I got my LG VX8300 from Verizon Wireless, I have been wanting a way to transfer pictures, ringtones, etc. to my cell phone from my Mac and vice-versa. I struggled after failing to browse the […]

Cyberduck updated to version 2.6

June 7, 2006

In case you don’t know, Cyberduck is a full-featured FTP/SFTP client available for Mac OS X bundled with many great features, it is compatible with external editors, and is very tightly-integrated with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. Cyberduck is freeware, open source, and very stable. Download Cyberduck 2.6 as a freeware application from” or […]

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