iWork ’08 Highlights

August 7, 2007

iWork '08 iWork ’08 introduces many new features, which Steve said “Completes the productivity suite”. Apple has published a set of webpages that tour each new feature in Pages, Keynote, and Numbers.

The features in this productivity suite really do make it a fierce competitor with Microsoft Office. The new innovative features, user interface, and Apple-designed templates raise the application suite to a whole new level of productivity, compatibility, and functionality.

Key points from the website include:


  • Two independent application modes, one for word-processing and another for page layout
  • Easier text format manipulation
  • 80 new Apple-designed templates
  • New graphic tools, including “instant alpha” (removing backgrounds from photos)


  • New transitions and effects
  • Voice-over recording
  • Automatic “smart builds”
  • 35 new Apple-designed templates


  • Complete compatibility with Microsoft Excel
  • A number of Apple-designed templates and chart textures
  • Advanced manipulation of tables, canvases, layouts, charts, maps, grids, etc.
  • “Interactive Print View”. Scale and arrange layouts before printing.

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