October 14 “Notebooks” Event confirmed

October 9, 2008

Apple this morning sent out invitations to a press event in San Francisco next Tuesday at 10am PST (1pm EST). The invitation simply is a picture of a light shining on an aluminum notebook along with the text “The spotlight turns to notebooks.”

Speculators believe the biggest point to be made at this event is that Apple will significantly lower its prices on all MacBook models. Apple is expected to revamp its entire notebook line at this notebook-only event, as all MacBooks models are due for an upgrade. The MacBook and MacBook Pro lines were last updated last February with Penryn processors and a multi-touch trackpad to the MacBook Pro. The MacBook Air was first introduced last January at Macworld Expo 2008 at a very high price-point. Apple is known for introducing first-generation products at a very high price point, then making significant price cuts on the next generation.

Apple has lately been straying from using plastic in its products and moving to more environmentally-friendly and high-grade materials, such as aluminum and glass. The MacBook is the last major Apple product line that has yet to transition away from plastic and this event will likely be the event where this transition will be made. If the MacBook models are to transition to an aluminum enclosure, the MacBooks will look simply appear as a smaller MacBook Pro. For this reason, Apple could consolidate the MacBook Pro and MacBook lines into one singular “MacBook” line with different models with varying screen sizes and internal configurations.

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