Is the iPod with Front Row a reality?

September 11, 2006

You may remember my iPod Front Row illustration from a while back? A snapshot of a banner for the September 12th event has appeared on the web with what looks like an iPod+Front Row device that looks very similar to my illustration. The iPod with Front Row Illustration (by me) The rumored Sept. 12 special […]

Leopard VS. Vista – Part Three – Secrets and Photocopiers

August 9, 2006

Leopard VS. Vista – Part Three is the third article of the “Leopard VS. Vista” series:Leopard VS. Vista – Part OneLeopard VS. Vista – Part Two – The Heat is OnLeopard VS. Vista – Part Three – Secrets an Photocopiers After following the live coverage and watching the Quicktime keynote stream, I had some […]

WWDC 2006 banner revealed

August 3, 2006

To increase speculation and heat up the rumors, someone has published a shot of a WWDC banner in the Moscone Center. Some of the images in this banner give us clues to what is to be announced/talked about on Monday. The banner doesn’t reveal too much, but it looks as if the Mac Pro will […]

Wrapping up the rumors for WWDC 2006

August 3, 2006

2006 has arguably been the most important year for Apple Computer since 1984, and the next chapter in Apple’s future will begin at the Worldwide Developers Conference when Steve Jobs will preview Mac OS X Leopard. Many rumors have been released and publicized for WWDC 2006 ever since Steve Job’s keynote at the 2005 WWDC, […]

iWork ’07

July 10, 2006

About a year ago I had written an article, iWork ’06, with my opinions on how iWork ’06 is not yet complete to compete against Microsoft Office for Mac. Today, I am an iWork and an Office user, because I have discovered that Pages and Keynote are not at all targeted towards competing with Office. […]

New Nano with iPod Mini-like enclosure in Fall 2006

July 10, 2006

Apple is testing and prototyping a new generation of the iPod Nano with a colored aluminum enclosure similar to the Nano’s predecessor’s enclosure. The new aluminum Nano could then be available in various colors, such as silver, pink, green, and blue. The new case is not expected to change the size or shape of the […]

Microsoft VS. iPod+iTunes

July 6, 2006

The rumor mill keeps spinning as analysts and several reliable sources report that Microsoft is preparing an iPod and in iTunes rival, with the same pricing and selling structure as Apple’s iPod+iTunes. Microsoft tis also seeking another additional feature that could give the new Microsoft MP3 player an edge over the iPod – wireless capabilities. […]

Leopard VS. Vista – Part Two – The Heat Is On

June 12, 2006

Leopard VS. Vista – Part Two is the second article of the “Leopard VS. Vista” series: Leopard VS. Vista – Part One Leopard VS. Vista – Part Two – The Heat is On Leopard VS. Vista – Part Three – Secrets an Photocopiers Lately, the next-generation Windows operating system has been receiving a lot of […]

Apple developing a new educational Mac

June 8, 2006

Apple is currently developing and planning to release a new eMac in early fall 2006. Apple started to fade out the current PowerPC eMac back in October when they stopped selling the eMacs to average consumers. According to Apple Insider, the eMac is to disappear completely following the end of the month and is to […]

Mac Minis no longer can be purchased in bulk orders

February 22, 2006

A writer for the FreeMacBlog has found out that Apple is not allowing people to order Mac Minis in large quantities. He works for a company who was planning to purchase a lot of Mac Minis, and Apple responded saying that “We’re not able to take large orders for Mac minis right now.â€? These are […]

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