New processor-optimized builds of Firefox

June 6, 2006

Firefox for the Mac seems so unstable and dirty, but when I discovered this optimized version of Firefox the other day I gave it another chance. I downloaded the Intel build with the Firefoxy widgets, and after I launched it I was very surprised with its fast download times. The version of Firefox, codenamed “Deer […]

Input Remapper – Configure the MacBook Pro keyboard in XP

June 4, 2006

One of the first issues I had when using Windows XP for the first time on my MacBook Pro was the inability to right-click. I automatically tried to use the control-click method, forgetting I was no longer in Mac OS X. Soon I discovered the Apple Mouse Utility which fixes the right-click issue in Windows, […]

Desksaver Plus – Run Screensavers right on your Desktop

February 14, 2006

From the makers of the Screenshot Plus Widget, comes the Desksaver Plus widget. Desksaver Plus doesn’t act as a widget, but more like a utility or a preference pane. Desksaver Plus allows you to choose a screensaver, then it turns your desktop into that screensaver. For example, run the RSS screensaver on your desktop, and […]

High Priority – Create and view iCal To Dos in the menu bar

February 4, 2006

High Priority is a very cool menu bar item, that lists out your To Dos. High Priority can also configure and make new To Dos without even opening iCal. This is a very simple menu bar item that gives users a lot of control and ability to harness the power of iCal without opening iCal. […]

BM Safari Tabs script – Save all open tabs in Bookmarks

February 3, 2006

As requested, I found a script that can save all of your open tabs in a bookmarks folder. This script, BM Safari Tabs script, selects all open tabs in the frontmost Safari window, saves a file in your Home folder, then requires you to select that file, and now you have all of the tabs […]

SafariStand – Add necessary functions and features to Safari, now Universal

February 3, 2006

SafariStand adds very cool features to Safari; such as a sidebar that shows a preview of open tabs, a seperate window that displays bookmarks and RSS feeds with a way to search through the history and RSS feeds, a “Quick Search” feature in the contextual menu. SafariStand also gives you options to perform “hacks” and […]

Dashboard KickStart – Eliminate the wait for Dashboard widgets to load

January 29, 2006

Dashboard KickStart fixes a major problem with the pause between you actually activate the Dashboard and the time the widgets become useful. Dashboard KickStart works by opening up the Dashboard at system login, so that when you launch the Dashboard, your widgets will already be loaded and fully useful. Setting up Dashboard KickStart couldn’t be […]

Desktopple 1.1 – Hide your desktop. Instantly.

January 27, 2006

FoggyNoggin Software has recently developed another great menu bar item that I have been waiting for a long time. With this new menu bar item, you can switch and toggle the desktop on and off. FoggyNoggin Software released version 1.0 about a week ago. I checked it out, and was pretty disappointed that it didn’t […]

RSS Menu – RSS and podcast feeds right in your Menu Bar

January 25, 2006

A couple days back I reviewed Vienna, which is a great and complex RSS application. Today, I have discovered an even easier way to get your RSS feeds, all in the Menu Bar. RSS Menu allows you to configure certain RSS feeds for updates periodically, and also has a folder with your iTunes podcasts. The […]

iPhoto Buddy – Use, move, and create multiple libraries with iPhoto

January 18, 2006

Here’s a very simple solution to those of you who either have hit the limit of number of photos in your library, or if you are looking for a way to store and organize multiple libraries for iPhoto. iPhoto Buddy cures the problem. You can install an infinite amount of libraries, password protect them, and […]

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