Wrapping up the rumors for WWDC 2006

August 3, 2006

2006 has arguably been the most important year for Apple Computer since 1984, and the next chapter in Apple’s future will begin at the Worldwide Developers Conference when Steve Jobs will preview Mac OS X Leopard. Many rumors have been released and publicized for WWDC 2006 ever since Steve Job’s keynote at the 2005 WWDC, […]

Apple Releases Bluetooth Mighty Mouse

July 26, 2006

With the recent FCC articles and photos on various sites, one day later, the bluetooth mighty mouse has appeared for sale in Apple’s Online Store, having a $69 price tag with a 3-5 day shipping time. The new mouse uses laser tracking and comes with 2 AA batteries and there is word of the new […]

Apple stock price rises on Q3 reports

July 19, 2006

Apple posted its Q3 results along with many positive statistics on Apple’s Mac and iPod sales. Apple announced $427 million profit with $4.37 billion revenue for Q3, and Apple expects somewhere form 4.5 to 4.6 billion dollar revenue for Q4 2006. While iPod sales rose 32%, Mac sales received a 12% sales increase from Q3 […]

Want to win $20 in iTunes Music?

July 15, 2006

This is me being in a giving mood, so take advantage of it. I’ve decided why not give away $20 worth of music to Apple’s iTunes Music Store, so you can buy some music/videos (not sure if it works on videos) on me! What do you have to do to get the gift certificate, well […]

Apple adds new “MacBook Ultimate” retail configurations

July 4, 2006

Apple has introduced two new configurations of the MacBook line named the “MacBook Ultimate” available only at Apple’s retail stores. These two new MacBook Ultimate models are essentially the 2.0GHz white and black models of the MacBook with some hardware upgrades. The new white MacBook Ultimate is similar to the 2.0GHz model, but with an […]

Analyst predicts Boot Camp to triple Mac market share

June 13, 2006

Boot Camp has triggered a ton of positive feedback these past few weeks from analysts and consumers, but nothing like this. An analyst Charles Wolf of Needham & Co. predicts that the Macintosh is to soon triple in market share in the home market. This market share explosion is likely to occur in 2007-2008, due […]

Apple “logs out” of India

June 4, 2006

Our favorite company, Apple has decided to “log outâ€? of India. If you remember Apple had opened a unit back a while ago in Bangladore, this upset many of the Mac faithful. Quote from the linked article: Apple is giving these employees a severance package of two months salary. It will settle all claims on […]

Cool Your MacBook Pro

May 7, 2006

Recently, there have been many complaints from all “generations” of MacBook Pro users of their machines getting “hot to the touch”. This has until recently not been solved as to why this is happening, but over at the Something Awful forums users have found out that due to Apple telling their repair technicians to glob […]

Is Apple really shipping the MacBook Pros this week?

February 15, 2006

I’d like to know the truth. I feel very confused, and everyone is telling different stories and opinions. Is Apple really shipping this week or is it just a lie to bring positive news. AppleInsider claims that MacBook Pros are in-stock in stores, but I just called my local Apple Store, and they gave me […]


January 24, 2006

The Macintosh (not Mac) was debuted 22 years ago today, January 24 1984, and started a new stage of Apple’s life. (e.g. iMac) Think about it, where would we be without the Macintosh? The term, “Mac” has been derived from Macintosh, and is now used everywhere concerning Apple. What I don’t get is why there […]

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