Small number of Video iPods carry Windows Virus

October 17, 2006

Apple admitted that less than 1 percent of iPods shipped after September 12 are carrying a Windows trojan horse with the filename of RavMonE.exe. RavMonE.exe infects the target computer by means of external storage drives and the famous “autoplay” function in Windows XP. The trojan horse can spread to other external drives when attacking a […] relaunches with new look and improved search

September 26, 2006 the web site that offers a place for Canadian Mac users to buy and sell used Apple and related products has relaunched with a brand new look and improved search capabilities. Visitors can now search by Category, Province and Postal Code which will allow you to find that used Mac you were looking for […]

iTunes 7.0.1 to fix many of the bugs in iTunes 7

September 20, 2006

iTunes 7 users are complaining to Apple about the new issues and bugs in iTunes 7. Threads on Apple’s Discussion forums have shown how the new iTunes 7 has many new issues including frequent crashing, poor audio playback, and some minor issues with the new iTunes 7 GUI. The noticeable cause of all this seems […]

iTunes 7 keyboard shortcuts

September 17, 2006

While we are on the topic of iTunes 7 I thought it would be worthwhile to mention that our friends over at Macsupport have posted a complete list of keyboard shortcuts for iTunes 7. The list is quite extensive and you will notice if you are a keyboard junkie like myself that a couple of […]

My take on iTunes 7

September 16, 2006

iTunes 7 breathed some new life into the iTunes, which has been slowly evolving since its preliminary days. But the more and more I experiment with the new version of iTunes, I get a feeling that is like beta software that needs a few more tweaks for it to be ready for public use. Reverse […]

Apple’s new focus: Busting the “Macs are overpriced” myth

September 15, 2006

Now that the Intel transition is “complete”, Apple is now focusing on a major problem Apple has had for a very long time. That problem is probably the most important and decisive reason for a consumer to buy a computer, and that problem is price. Even though Macs last probably twice as long as standard […]

Is the iPod with Front Row a reality?

September 11, 2006

You may remember my iPod Front Row illustration from a while back? A snapshot of a banner for the September 12th event has appeared on the web with what looks like an iPod+Front Row device that looks very similar to my illustration. The iPod with Front Row Illustration (by me) The rumored Sept. 12 special […]

Apple special event September 12

September 1, 2006

According to iLounge, several members of the press are being invited to watch a special event Apple is hosting on September 12 in northern California. The special event is supposedly taking place on the opening day of the Apple Expo in Paris, which Apple reported that they would not be opening with a Keynote speech. […]

Want to win $20 in iTunes Music?

July 15, 2006

This is me being in a giving mood, so take advantage of it. I’ve decided why not give away $20 worth of music to Apple’s iTunes Music Store, so you can buy some music/videos (not sure if it works on videos) on me! What do you have to do to get the gift certificate, well […]

New Nano with iPod Mini-like enclosure in Fall 2006

July 10, 2006

Apple is testing and prototyping a new generation of the iPod Nano with a colored aluminum enclosure similar to the Nano’s predecessor’s enclosure. The new aluminum Nano could then be available in various colors, such as silver, pink, green, and blue. The new case is not expected to change the size or shape of the […]

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